Saturday, April 5, 2014

3D Printing Companies

List of the top 3D printing companies.

Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch

Name: Maker Bot

Price Range: $1,375 - $6,499

My Impressions:

MakerBot printers have a very sleek and smooth design, in my opinion Maker Bot has the best looking 3D printers out there. Maker Bot also sells a great looking digitizer, which allows you to scan in 3D models of objects right from your home. Then you can modify or improve your models from there. Very very cool! MakerBot also has a wide variety of 3D printers, making it easy to find one that suits your needs.

Name: Flash Forge

Price: $1,299

My Impressions:

FlashForge makes a very affordable and reliable product that has earned the trust of their customers. Currently boasting the most reviews for a 3D printer on amazon. Additionally it's review rating ranks near, if not at the top as well! Take a look at this product on amazon here. FlashForge 3D Printer. They also just came out with a new upgraded model that in my opinion looks nicer and one that customers are really excited about: FlashForge 3D Printer New Model

Name: XYZprinting

Price: $499

My Impressions:

XYZ printing offers the most affordable 3d printer on the market. For those looking to familiarize themselves with 3D printing and just want to explore the possibilities this would be a great option! With more than a handful of reviews on amazon and a solid three and a half star star rating, this is bound to be one of the best intro 3D printers out there. Check it out here: XYZ 3D Printer

And for a company that allows you to buy and sell 3D creations online check out Shape Ways.

3D printing is going to explode over the next 3-10 years, I am looking forward to the ways people are going to use it to change our lives forever. Over the next few years look for 3D printers to become more affordable as well. But there has never been a better time to jump into the world of 3D printing than now. Get a head start and explore the possibilities!

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